11th May 2020

Youth Today Newsletter – November 2019

28th April 2020

Tongaat capital campaign update: Rebuilding historic youth centre in Tongaat

The Girls and Boys Town Tongaat campus, which is planned to provide residential care, safety, therapy and educational support to 70 children aged 10-18 each year […]
28th April 2020

Vincent Bone’s journey to success

He is an inspiration to many South Africans proving that no matter the odds; you can reach for the stars. Known by his fans as Vincent […]
28th April 2020

A focus on mental health and our youth

Mental health issues are, reportedly, on the rise amongst youth in society generally today – and the challenges faced by youth entering our care at GBTSA […]
28th April 2020

Chores can teach children important life skills

Teaching children life skills is not only important for self-care and sufficiency, it also allows them to feel empowered and helps develop healthy self-esteem. Although children […]
28th April 2020

Shelter for the vulnerable in a tough world

South Africa’s high incidence of crime affects the criminal justice system’s ability to respond adequately to crimes perpetrated against children by adults and other children. The […]
28th April 2020

Greetings from Girls and Boys Town CEO

We are living in precarious times with the global pandemic coronavirus. In recent days the number of infected people in South Africa has increased significantly. Our […]
20th January 2020

Care-leaving: Life after Girls and Boys Town

  Care-leaving: Life after Girls and Boys Town Thousands of children and adolescents grow up away from their families due to various vulnerabilities and risks. For […]
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