Greetings from Girls and Boys Town CEO


Dear colleagues and partners in youth care.

We are living in precarious times with the global pandemic coronavirus. In recent days the number of infected people in South Africa has increased significantly. Our services are as important as ever and we are grateful for the continued generosity of our community.  This support is critical to helping us to provide security, protection and therapeutic intervention services to our children in this uncertain time – and will certainly become more significant as the economic strains on our economy further impacts on the fundraising crisis and financial pressures in the months to come.

Findings from a happiness survey launched in April by a professor from the University of Johannesburg showed Covid-19 to have been playing havoc with South Africans’ emotions over the last month. We have made a 180-degree turn in our emotional state; from being joyful, anticipating good things to happen and showing trust, to being angry, anticipating the worst and showing disgust and fear. The research also identified that in true South African spirit, we cling to the silver lining in this storm that threatens to swallow us.

In our second issue, we give you an update on our organisation:

  • The process of a youth entering GBTSA care
  • Age appropriate chores for the development of children
  • The state of the mental health of the GBT youth community
  • Tongaat capital campaign update
  • Life beyond the town: Vincent Bones

GBTSA is following government’s instructions by putting strict measures in place to protect the children in our care, our staff and everybody they may come into contact with. The Office of the President and DSD has declared all child and youth care centres (which include GBTSA residential campuses) as essential services. Thus, the work of GBTSA goes ahead regardless and we continue to fulfil our 24/7 responsibility to the many children in our care. We rely on the big-heartedness of our GBTSA community, stakeholders and donors to help us in this task.

“I call on all of us, one and all, to play our part. To be courageous, to be patient, and above all, to show compassion.” – President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Happy reading

Lee Loynes, CEO Girls and Boys Town SA

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