Tongaat capital campaign update: Rebuilding historic youth centre in Tongaat

Future Tongaat Campus

The Girls and Boys Town Tongaat campus, which is planned to provide residential care, safety, therapy and educational support to 70 children aged 10-18 each year on completion of the rebuild project, was built by Dominican nuns over 100 years ago. Due to aging infrastructure that has compromised the campus buildings and the safety of the young residents, it needs a major reconstruction.

In order to preserve the history of the building, certain considerations are being made to maintain the integrity of the project. GBTSA, in partnership with Boogertman + Partners, who are most generously and graciously completing the architectural work pro-bono, and other firms, are in collaboration with the Heritage Council and various stakeholders in the construction industry to ensure all protocol is adhered to.

To also take part and support us in this cause, contact our head office by sending an e-mail to, alternatively visit

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