Established in 1974,

The Alumni Association provides a support and mentoring service for youth leaving Girls & Boys Town. In many instances, Alumni find or provide job opportunities as youth face the real world outside the walls of our centres.

The Association fosters friendships among former pupils and keeps contacts alive with Girls and Boys Town Centres. These men and women provide their ‘siblings’ with little ‘luxuries’ not normally afforded at our Centres and encourage camaraderie through annual sporting events where the youngsters take great delight in ‘thrashing’ those of the older generation.

We now find Alumni in all walks of life – as Company Directors, Social Workers, School Principals, Teachers etc. and are living proof that, ‘there is no such thing as a bad boy or girl.’

The Association has two main fundraising events – the Annual Dinner in June/July (with a prominent guest speaker) and its well-known Annual Dance at the end of October. The public are invited to participate in both events.

For more information, contact the Secretary of the Alumni Association at Girls and Boys Town Head Office on tel. (011) 482-2655.

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