GBT provides training services to staff, families, educators and other child-care professionals across all nine provinces in order to strengthen their services or work with young people, families and communities to address numerous challenges including bullying, negative peer pressure, corporal punishment and physical and sexual abuse.

Our Courses

The education-strengthening intervention comprises a series of interactive and practical courses that assist in building skills, strategies and techniques to manage difficult behaviours of learners and youth within educational settings. Tried-and-tested in the course of our own residential and community work with learners, educators and families, the courses help to improve academic success.

Interested educators and care-givers can select from seven courses that have the goal of increasing school attendance and punctuality, introducing and encouraging learners to follow the school rules and improving relationships with educators and administrators – but also with parents and families. Girls and Boys Town can assess the school’s circumstances and challenges and recommend the most appropriate package of courses to address its needs.

* These programmes are registered with the South African Council for Educators (SACE) as a Professional Development (PD) training programme , registration number NG10692, and is designed for all educational settings.

For further enquiries in any of the courses, please contact: 011482 2655.

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Well-Managed Classroom*

This two-day programme promotes positive learner behaviour in the classroom, enabling educators to focus on teaching and building strong learner/educator relationships. The workshop is suited for adults in the educational setting including administrators, educators, councillors, social workers and psychologists.

Administrative Intervention*

This is a one-day workshop that offers relationship-building strategies to school administrators and senior educators. It focuses on techniques to de-escalate volatile behaviour and prepares and empowers learners for re-entry to the classroom after being referred to the principal’s office.

Specialised Classroom Management

The five-day programme, designed primarily for special education educators and para-professionals working with youth who do not respond to normal strategies and require additional help, incorporates a motivational system with a systematic way to address both appropriate and inappropriate behaviours. When applied, the model helps learners increase on-task behaviour and respond responsibly, demonstrating social skills required to decrease disruptive behaviour and return to the classroom.

Safe and Effective Secondary School*

The two-day workshop focuses on pro-active responses, joint problem-solving and violence-prevention strategies and techniques resulting in a learner-centred action plan to ensure safer, more effective learning environments.

Effective Staff Development Through Consultation*

This skills-based training programme gives educators the tools needed to enhance management skills.

Support and Consultation Services

Girls and Boys Town offers onsite consultation in schools that provides coaching, guidance, advice and support to administrators and staff. This type of consultation supports professional development within schools and districts.

Common Sense Parenting

Learners spend as much time at home as they do at school and the same behaviours occur in both settings – whether positive or negative. This 12-hour workshop offers parents (and other family care-givers) six modules that builds partnerships between parents and educators so that youth in their care have consistent structures at home and school. This is a proven strategy to teach parents and caregivers effective methods to reduce disruptive and aggressive behaviour within home and educational settings.

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