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Framed Parisian Oil Scape

Winning Bid: R1,000.00

Framed Parisian Oil Scape, Size: 105 cm x 74cm (large)

Item condition: Used

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These paintings were donated by the Louw family who moved to South Africa from Netherlands after the first world war. They have donated most of their art collection to Boys and Girls town South Africa.

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Highest bidder was: nm.reyneker

27th September 2020 6:29 amR1,000.00nm.reyneker
25th September 2020 9:50 amR950.00nm.reyneker
25th September 2020 9:19 amR900.00finance
23rd September 2020 10:39 amR850.00nm.reyneker
23rd September 2020 10:05 amR800.00finance
22nd September 2020 7:38 pmR750.00nm.reyneker
22nd September 2020 7:05 pmR700.00nm.reyneker
31st August 2020 12:00 amAuction started
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