Healing the lives of heartbroken children

Since 1958, the therapeutic professionals and residential homes of Girls and Boys Town have served to save the lives of children hurt by physical and emotional abuse.

What’s your hug worth?

Next time you hug someone you love, spare a thought for our children who long for a hug like yours. Then donate the worth of your hug to us. Every hug you give helps us to heal our heartbroken children. And hug each one more.

Girls and Boys Town

Girls and Boys Town established in 1958 to heal the broken hearts of children harmed by the trauma of the world’s physical and emotional abuse. On our watch, we have helped to salvage the lives of over half a million young people from all walks of life; saving our vulnerable young, their families, their communities and the economy the stresses, strains and drains of the inevitable consequences of broken hearts.

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  • Mark Chaskelson
    "I think what GBT does for the South African youth is incredible and selfless."
    Mark Chaskelson
    Creative Monarchy
  • Peter Schmitt
    "GBT’s profound conviction drives them to deliver the sensational results they have: where vulnerable youth become active and inspirational participants in South African society. They’re able to teach us a thing or two about getting over ourselves."
  • Lynn Cawood
    "For 5 years we've been doing our best trying to transform a teenager, we almost give up!   Thanks to the collaborated work of Girls and Boys Town team, a well integrated young man has been restored."
    Lynn Cawood
  • Alan
    "The support, which we have afforded to GBT is sincerely aimed at helping to close the gap between our family and GBT’s, even if it is to the tiniest extent. With it, goes a kind of remote love, which is difficult to understand. Please keep up the excellent work that you do – it is so pleasing to read how much it is appreciated, not only as recorded by your 2015 Mayor, but also by many of us on the 'outside'."
  • Michelle
    "We ourselves have teenage children, so we know first-hand how difficult this stage of their lives is. They are fortunate to have family support and encouragement, so we understand the importance of organizations such as yourselves to fill the gap that their family members are not able to provide."
  • Rochelle
    "Thank you for everything you do in the community for the children"
  • Marilyn
    "We have been supporting this charity since my children were small and the youngest is now 34.  It gives me much pleasure to support from another of our companies."
  • Carolyn
    "We have got to know a young man in Knysna who passed through your ‘town’ and he is today a wonderfully successful man thanks to your guidance."

GBT Statistics

These are just some of the things we’ve done to help our children overcome obstacles and S.H.I.N.E.®. We look forward to doing more in the future.

Youth assisted annually
Education development of
learners nationally
Training/consulting to
partner schools and institutions
parents trained
Black beneficiary base of

Care in residence

National therapeutic residential programmes provide care to 300 vulnerable girls and boys placed by the Children’s Courts.

Care in family

National Family Services teams provide skill strengthening, counselling and support for families, in all communities, at their homes and via the national Hotline.

Care in education

National specialist remedial and home schooling resources and programmes are provided to our special needs youth through our Learning Support Centres.

Community training in care

National training services are provided to all families, educators and other child-care professionals.

Knowledge in care

Our joint research study contributes to the profession’s body of knowledge and promotes best practices regarding youth in transition and their outcomes.


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