Reinforcing the importance of discussing Mental Health


Urban Brew Youth day Talk Show

In recent years, there has been increasing acknowledgement of the important role mental health awareness plays in reducing stigma and creating more opportunities for support and care for those that need it. This June, GBTSA has seen an opportunity to reinforce this message by sharing our Mental Health piece that was introduced on One Gospel TV on Youth Day 2021. We discuss Mental Health and the different yet important issues that surround it.

Mental health is a crucial part of overall health, yet it is often a hushed topic of discussion — if it’s even discussed at all. This is largely due to the stigma that has long surrounded mental illnesses.

Talking about mental health helps improve our communities by making it more acceptable for those suffering from mental illnesses to seek help, learn to cope and get on the road to recovery. In addition, mental health isn’t just about mental illnesses. It’s about maintaining a positive state of wellbeing.

To watch GBTSA’s mental health segment that featured panellists like Jerry Mofokeng wa Makhetha, Lerato Makhetha, Gugulethu Nyatsumba, Matladi Twala and Saneliswa Mqobongo on YouTube, click here.

Remember normalising the conversation about mental health empowers people to talk and get the help they need.

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