GBTSA Newsletter March 2021: Lee’s Foreword


Lees Foreword 2

Dear Girls & Boys Town Insiders,

I hope that our latest newsletter finds you well and strong. The youth who are in our care are settling into the slightly delayed 2021 school year and as always, they receive assistance with academics from remedial support staff and through our learning centres. That is one aspect of GBTSA’s mission S.H.I.N.E – E stands for the Education pillar as an important element of the holistic care for the Girls & Boys Town South Africa youth.

Some of you have asked what do we mean when we say that youth are placed at GBTSA through the Children’s Court. That inspired us to start a new column – the Legal Corner – so in this issue of Youth Shine Insights, we explain what is the Children’s Court and how it relates to the work of GBTSA. In the upcoming newsletters, we will look at other legislation and legal instruments that are relevant to children’s and youths’ rights, well-being and development.  It is fortunate that one of life’s greatest gifts is our ability to be inspired. Inspiration comes from many different sources and we invite you to get some from our alumni, Sipho, who is making a mark both on the people and the landscape in and around Cape Town.

As our national COVID-19 vaccine rollout starts to unfold, we feel more hopeful and to use a soccer analogy, we need a game plan for the big target to vaccinate 40 million South Africans – we argue that youth are the midfielder. In this game, they have various roles – protecting those at greater risk of infection and as the most educated section of society, playing their part in busting anti-vaccine myths.

Still, we need to remain resilient and mindful that people near and far from us are going through mental, physical and economic hardships and to help one another where we can. Every gift, donation, smile and other act of kindness means the world of difference both for the giver and for the recipient. On behalf of us all at GBTSA, an immense thanks to all of you who ensure we can make it through these tough times.

Best wishes,


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